Svet Tzokov

Svet Tzokov has been a volunteer for almost a year and has helped out at many events (the Science of Wellness, Fun Palaces, Science of Multilingualism, Illuminate the Gardens, Cinescience and our volunteering fairs). His other work includes working on the BSA Sheffield social media team and he is currently involved in the upcoming Sheffield Food Festival 2018 and he is working with others on a Physiology Society grant application. He studied biochemistry and structural biology, and currently runs electron microscopy facility in the University of Sheffield.

“I initially joined the BSA through friends, but quickly realised what an incubator of brilliant ideas BSA Sheffield was. The philosophy of the BSA is very close to my own belief that modern society can only benefit if more people take a scientific view when resolving their problems. I work in science, and I can see that we could do more to convince the rest of the society about the value of the scientific approach. And science is fun!

I like discovering things, and science is built on discoveries. It’s about that feeling that the experiment you are doing this minute makes you the first person to conduct it, or the unique feeling that you are the first person to observe such an important result. I must have been in primary school when I was observing the movement of ants and trying to predict where they will build their next nest.

Volunteering for BSA Sheffield has given me more confidence in working with people (both at work and outside of work) and I really like the satisfaction in doing something for the wider society.”

You can find more about Svet and his work at: