About us

Sheffield Science Outreach has a vision to make science a bigger part of UK culture so that more people are engaged with and inspired by it. We want to counter the view that science can only be done by ‘professional scientists’. After all, we all feel we can go to an art gallery or a music concert without having a degree in art or music – so why should science be any different?

To do this, we hold events that particularly aim to reach out to people who normally have little contact with science.

Was started as the Sheffield Branch of the British Science Association in February 2017, when a group of curious people met a representative of the BSA’s central office in a local pub. Despite this small beginning, we eagerly started planning our first event: an interactive activity stand on crop diseases at the Sheffield Food Festival in May, called ‘The Secret Life of Tomatoes’. This turned out to be a tremendous success and since then our membership has grown rapidly and we have hosted a variety of different events. These have included ‘The Science of Wellness’ – a project with a local mental health community group; ‘Making Sense’, an arts-science installation for National Fun Palaces Weekend; an activity stand at a local firework display and a CineScience event to discuss neurodegenerative diseases. On the summer of 2019, we established ourselves as an independent group from the BSA and adopted our new name.

We are also a highly social group and like to do things together – so far this has included trips to museums, meals out and walks in the Peak District.

Our branch is coordinated by a committee that is elected by the members each year at the AGM in May. Any member can stand for any of the positions. You can learn more about our current committee below.

Our branch meetings take place every month on the first Wednesday evening. During these, we meet new volunteers, plan public events and organise group socials. For more information about volunteering with us, please click here.

We are especially keen to reach audiences that don’t normally engage with science. To achieve this, we have formed partnerships with a range of organisations and community groups across the city including Ignite Imaginations; Sheffield Flourish; Western Park Museum; the University of Sheffield’s Science in Policy Group and the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK. If you or your organisation would be interested in organising an event with us, please do get in touch.

Interim Committee